About Us



The mission of the Lenfest Center for Sustainable Energy (LCSE) is to advance science and develop innovative technologies that provide sustainable energy for all humanity while maintaining the stability of the Earth’s natural systems.


The development of novel energy conversion pathways and technologies–particularly with reduced environmental footprints (i.e., CO2 emission and water usage)–is one of the greatest challenges faced by humanity that cannot be overcome by simply employing traditional scientific or engineering approaches. More than ever, the development and implementation of sustainable energy technologies require cross-cutting collaborations between natural science, engineering and social science disciplines. Furthermore, the development of viable policy frameworks and market structures are also important for the significant reduction of anthropogenic carbon emissions. To achieve this ambitious goal, we need to work together and encourage the effective, rapid transfer of knowledge between participating members of various fields and global communities.

What We Do

To address these challenges and achieve this goal, the LCSE conducts collaborative research that transformatively crosses the boundaries of the natural sciences, engineering, social sciences, and economics. LCSE researchers focus on the development of new scientific understandings, theories, models, novel materials and technologies related to various aspects of sustainable energy. Further, we frame our efforts in a larger context by coupling scientific research with policy and economics as well as public outreach and education.

For more information about our current research, please visit our projects page.