Education & Outreach

Masters of Carbon Management Program

Approaching the stabilization of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere will require drastic reductions in worldwide carbon dioxide emissions. The IPCC has suggested that emission reductions would have to be reduced 30–85 percent from current levels by 2050 in order to achieve a long-term stabilization target of 350–440 ppm. This would imply an allowance of 4 percent of current per capita emissions in the United States alone. Grappling with this massive change in the world’s energy infrastructure will require significant adjustments in public policy. The LCSE has embarked upon a program of energy policy outreach in order to help lay the groundwork for this transition. With the Columbia Climate Center and the Department of Earth and Environmental Engineering, we are helping to develop the Masters of Carbon Management Program. This new masters level program will uniquely prepare students to create and implement the multi-faceted solutions to the carbon problem with an in-depth understanding of the complexity and multidisciplinary nature of the issues at hand.