2010 Sustainable Fuels Conference

Sustainable Fuels from CO2, H2O, and Carbon-Free Energy

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Hosted by the Lenfest Center and Risø DTU National Laboratory for Sustainable Energy, this conference addressed what technologies can be used to recycle CO2 into carbon-neutral liquid hydrocarbon fuels using renewable or nuclear energy. Speakers from universities and research labs from around the U.S. and from Denmark presented their state-of-the-art research on a wide range of topics including CO2 capture technology, photovoltaics, and splitting CO2/H2O by low- and high-temperature electrolysis, solar-driven thermal processes, and photochemical conversion. The conference was organized by Chris Graves, PhD, who recently completed his dissertation under Klaus Lackner and who worked in collaboration with Risø DTU National Lab in Copenhagen in 2008-9 researching solid oxide electrolysis cells under the direction of Professor Mogens Mogensen.
   Klaus S. Lackner, Columbia University
   Air Capture of Carbon Dioxide: Closing the Fuel Cycle
   Earth and Environmental Engineering at Columbia University

   Ah-Hyung Alissa Park, Columbia University
   CO2 Capture using Nanoparticle-based Ionic Materials (NIMs)
   Earth and Environmental Engineering at Columbia University

   James Yardley, Columbia University
   The Columbia EFRC: Redefining Photovoltaic Efficiency
   Nanoscale Science and Engineering Center at Columbia University

   Etsuko Fujita, Brookhaven National Lab
   Photochemical CO2 Reduction: Current Status and Challenges
   Brookhaven National Lab

   Reed Jensen, Los Alamos Solar Energy LLC
   Solar Driven Thermolysis of CO2

   Rich Diver, Sandia National Lab
   Solar Driven H2O/CO2 Splitting via Thermochemical Cycles
   Sandia National Lab

Mogens Mogensen
   Mogens Mogensen, Risø National Laboratory for Sustainable Energy
   Production of Synthetic Fuel by Electrolysis: Potential and Challenges
   Risø DTU National Lab

   Carl Stoots, Idaho National Lab
   Production of Synthesis Gas by High-Temperature Electrolysis of H2O and CO2
   Idaho National Lab

   Masahiro Kawaji, City College of New York
   Presentation coming soon!
   Mechanical Engineering at City College of New York

   Sune D. Ebbesen, Risø National Laboratory for Sustainable Energy
   Solid Oxide Electrolysis Cells: Long-term Durabilty
   Risø DTU National Lab

   Christopher Graves, Columbia University
   Recycling COby Electrolysis of COand H2O: Economics and Electrode Materials
   Earth and Environmental Engineering at Columbia University