2014 LCSE Energy Workshop


Over the last five years, Columbia University’s Lenfest Center for Sustainable Energy (LCSE) and the Technical University of Denmark’s (DTU) Department of Energy Conversion and Storage have held annual symposia fostering an interdisciplinary dialogue to achieve a better understanding of the systems constraints of renewable energy conversion, and to direct research efforts for an array of technology to areas where it is naturally most advantaged. By its very nature, such a symposium requires an interdisciplinary discussion to bring out system issues in addition to the usual focus on technological details. This workshop has received funding from the Danish Agency for Science Technology and Innovation through the International Network Programme.

Air Capture and its Applications in Closing the Carbon Cycle

In the 2014 workshop, “Air Capture and its Applications in Closing the Carbon Cycle,” we focused on four key topics: air capture technology, closing the loop through photosynthesis and plants, synthetic fuels, and business and policy implications. To read more about speakers and their talks, click this link.

This workshop was part of the Research Coordination Network on Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage (RCN-CCUS), which occurred at Columbia University from April 14th to April 16th.

2013 Workshop on Electrolysis and CO2 recycling at DTU’s campus, we looked at technologies potentially involved in the field of CO2 capture, electrolysis and hydrocarbon fuel production, with the aim of creating an overview of the state of the art as well as perspectives, challenges and limitations to the technology.

2012 Energy Storage Symposium at Columbia University, we brought together concepts and ideas in different storage technologies to determine how different needs result in different optimizations.

2011 Conference on the capture and conversion of CO2 into sustainable hydrocarbon fuels. We addressed feasibility of using renewable or nuclear energy to recycle CO2 into sustainable hydrocarbon fuels which can be used in existing infrastructure.

2010 Sustainable Fuels Conference at Columbia University we addressed what technologies can be used to recycle CO2 into carbon-neutral liquid hydrocarbon fuels using renewable or nuclear energy.