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12th International Conference on Gas-Liquid & Gas-Liquid-Solid Reactor Engineering (GLS12)

The LCSE’s director was the chair of GLS12 held June 28-July 1 in New York, NY.  The event hosted nearly 200 participants representing over 20 different countries and 75 different academic institutions, industries and organizations.  The conference followed the success of eleven previous conferences held in Columbus, OH, USA, Cambridge, UK, Kanazawa, Japan, Delft, The Netherlands, Melbourne, Australia, Vancouver, Canada, Strasbourg, France, New Delhi, India, Montreal, Canada, Braga, Portugal and Seoul, South Korea.  GLS focuses on all aspects of fundamentals and engineering of multiphase reactors and processes and bring together top class researchers and engineers from diverse fields.  Featured speakers from this year’s conference included Bing Du, a senior engineer at ExxonMobil Research and Engineering Company, Liang-Shih Fan, a Distinguished University Professor and C. John Easton Professor in Engineering in the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at The Ohio State University, Lynn Gladden, Director of the Magnetic Resonance Research Centre and professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering at Cambridge,  and Ning Yang, a professor and dean of the Research Center of Meso-Science (COM) at the Institute of Process Engineering of Chinese Academy of Sciences.  Professor Park of the LCSE was also a featured speaker.

GLS12 Technical Program

For a full list of this year’s presentations and proceedings, visit the AIChE website.

This year’s conference was organized by the following bodies:

Conference Chairs:

Bing Du, ExxonMobil Research and Engineering Company, USA

L.-S. Fan, The Ohio State University, USA

Ah-Hyung Alissa Park, Columbia University, USA

Scientific Advisory Committee:

Jiri Drahos, Institute of Chemical Process Fundamentals, Czech Republic

Geoffrey Evans, University of New Castle, Australia

Hans Kuipers, Technishe Univeriteit Eindhover, Netherlands

Faical Larachi, Universite Laval, Canada

Tiberiu (Tiby) Leib, The Chemours Company, USA

Jinghai Li, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

Arturo Macchi, University of Ottawa, Canada

Robert R. Mudde, Delft University of Technology, Netherlands

Vivek V. Ranade, National Chemical Laboratory, Netherlands

Sankaran Sundaresan, Princeton University, USA

Madhava Syamlal, National Energy Technology Laboratory, USA

Atsushi Tsutsumi, University of Tokyo, Japan

Ning Yang, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

Organizational Committee:

Muthanna H. Al-Dahhan, Missouri University of Science and Technology, USA

Xiaotao (Tony) Bi, University of British Columbia, Canada

Raymond A. Cocco, PSRI Chicago, USA

Benjamin Glasser, Rutgers University, USA

Yong Kang, Chungnam National University, Korea

Raymond Wai Man Lau, Nayang Technological University, Singapore

Bryan A. Patel, ExxonMobil, USA

Camille Petit, Imperial College London, UK

Joe Powell, Shell Oil Company, USA

Ashfaq Shaikh, Eastman Chemical Co., USA

Steven X. Song, Chevron Energy Technology Company, USA

Chao Zhu, New Jersey Institute of Technology, USA



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