Visiting Researcher Seokyoon Moon of Gwangju Institute of Science and Technologyelected as a winner at the Spring 2019 ACS Student Poster Session in Orlando Florida.

by |April 9th, 2019

Lenfest Center Visiting Researcher Seokyoon Moon of Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (GIST) was selected as a winner at the Spring 2019  ACS Student Poster Session in Orlando Florida.   Poster Title: Thermodynamic and Spectroscopic Investigation of Novel Promoters Tuning Cage Structure of Gas Hydrates for CO2 Capture and Gas Storage’  

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Scientists want to help save the Earth by storing carbon dioxide in the ground

by |March 12th, 2019

Written by Elizabeth Weise, USA TODAY PALISADES, New York — Peter Kelemen spends time in Oman looking for ways to pull carbon out of the air and put it back underground. His colleague, David Goldberg, looks at ways to store it far below the sea floor off the Oregon coast. Chemical engineer Alissa Park is… read more

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LCSE Students win Fall 2018 Energy and Fuels Student Poster Session

by |February 13th, 2019

Two Lenfest Center Students were selected as the Fall 2018 winners of the ENFL Student Poster Session Visiting Researcher Kang Zhang of Zhejiang University Poster Title: Carbon-negative hydrogen production from unconventional biomass           Tony Feric of Columbia University Poster Title: Novel liquid-like Nanoparticle Organic Hybrid Materials (NOHMs)–based Fluids for Combined CO2… read more

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Polymer Coating Cools Down Buildings

by |September 28th, 2018

Sep 27 2018 | By Holly Evarts | Video and Image Credit: Jyotirmoy Mandal/Columbia Engineering Columbia Engineers make white paint whiter—and cooler—by removing white pigment and invent a polymer coating, with nano-to-microscale air voids, that acts as a spontaneous air cooler and can be fabricated, dyed, and applied like paint. New York, NY—September 27, 2018—With… read more

The Columbia University-Baotou Steel EcoPartnership Launches Joint-Venture Pilot Project to Test and Commercialize Technology to Repurpose Iron and Steel Slags

by |February 8th, 2018

August 24, 2017 On May 25, 2017, Columbia University and Baotou Steel launched the joint-venture pilot project at the Columbia Beijing Center. This event consisted of a panel discussion and press conference. Details of the groundbreaking new technology and the planning of the pilot in China’s Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region were discussed for the first… read more

Floating Solar Rig Produces Hydrogen Fuel

by |December 19th, 2017

Floating Solar Rig Produces Hydrogen Fuel By Charles Q. Choi Illustration: Justin Bui/Columbia EngineeringAn artist’s rendering shows a hypothetical “solar fuels rig” floating on the open sea. A floating “solar fuels rig” could one day use solar energy to split apart seawater and generate hydrogen fuel. A team of scientists recently described the design for the… read more

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Women in Energy: Navigating and Leading in the Energy Field

by |December 11th, 2017

Rutgers Energy Institute and Columbia University’s Center on Global Energy Policy WIE program focused on female leadership in the energy sector you can view the moderated panel discussion and open question and answer.

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Freezing Lithium Batteries May Make Them Safer and Bendable

by |April 28th, 2017

Columbia Engineers use ice-templating to control electrolyte structure in lithium batteries; solid-state is non-flammable, non-toxic, and flexible with longer battery life Schematic of vertically aligned and connected ceramic channels for enhancing ionic conduction. In the left figure, ceramic particles are randomly dispersed in the polymer matrix, where ion transport is blocked by the polymer matrix… read more

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Turning Iron and Steel Manufacturing Waste Into Valuable Materials

by |March 6th, 2017

Columbia Engineering Associate Research Scientist Xiaozhou (Sean) Zhou shows visitors from the Baotou Iron and Steel (Group) a prototype processing unit in his lab designed to repurpose manufacturing waste to produce a wide range of useable materials. —Photo by Timothy Lee Photographers   China currently manufactures half of the world’s iron and steel through a… read more

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Stable photoelectrochemical water splitting for solar fuels generation

by |January 13th, 2017

The ability to efficiently and economically store variable solar energy would be a major step towards meeting growing global energy demands. This can be accomplished by converting excess solar energy into chemical energy, or “solar fuels”, a concept which has the potential to compensate for solar energy intermittency and also provide a carbon neutral transportation… read more

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