Earth Institute Videos


Prof. Klaus Lackner Takes Step Toward Workable Carbon Capture Technology (January 31, 2013) 3:00


Invited Speaker Larry Burns, now a member of the Earth Institute, speaks on “Reinventing the Automobile” (November 2009) 1:27:50



The Lenfest Center In the News and Around the World

Professor Lackner speaking at the US Energy Association on August 8, 2014. Watch the video here.


science po


The Institute for Sustainable Development and International Relations (IDDRI) interviews Professor Lackner during Science Po’s seminar “Capture du carbone dans l’air ambiant (Carbon capture in ambient air)” (May 28, 2013) 3:55


Klaus Lackner and Allen Wright’s “Artificial Trees: Giving us the time to act?” presentation at Air Capture Week in London (October 26, 2011) 1:25:27


Klaus Lackner and Allen Wright demonstrate air capture technology (April 28, 2011) 2:49


Klaus Lackner on PBS Nova (April 20, 2011) 53:07


Klaus Lackner and Allen Wright discuss “synthetic trees” and the potential of air capture (January 5, 2011) 7:03


Klaus Lackner interviewed by Chris Bentley of Medill at Northwestern (December 12, 2010) 3:17


Professor Lackner’s Provost Lecture at Stony Brook (September 29, 2010) 53:21


Professor Lackner’s interview at the WEC Series 2010 (September 16, 2010) 4:27


Klaus Lackner is interviewed by BNN (Business News Network) from the World Energy Congress in Montreal (September 13, 2010) 4:33


Professor Lackner’s interview with Svt¬† (October 19, 2009) 9:23


Senior Staff Associate Allen Wright’s interview with MIT Technology Review (January 2010) 5:05